Elisa Aprà is a designer, student, & pasta enthusiast currently based in Los Angeles. She loves getting to do identity and promotion design for people trying to make the world a better place, as well as creating personal work connected to her experiences as a queer, neurodivergent, and Taiwanese-Italian femme. She's a big believer in the magic of washi tape, the importance of salting your pasta water, and the power of self care. You can find her on Twitter @elisaapra or at


Claudia Ayala is a New York-based photographer. You can take a peek at her work by visiting Instagram: claudiavayala #cvaphotography


Jalese Ayana is a multi-faceted creative from East Orange, New Jersey. Photography, film, and music are her chosen mediums. While getting an education at Parsons School of Design, she is working on a photo book and an visual mixtape, as well as freelance creative directing. Her new body of work explores sexuality, feminism, and black culture. You can view her portfolio at, email for quotes/inquiries at


Ashley Bardhan is a New York artist specializing in pen and ink illustrations. She believes in female empowerment through free emotional articulation, and attempts to embody this in her work. Her main goal in art is to be as honest as possible, whether in expression of her subjects or in poetry she often includes in her pieces. She also honestly hopes you have a nice day.


Melanie Barksdale is a documentary photographer currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Photography has played a very large part in her personal development as a young female. It has helped her find a safe medium to present the emotional traumas in her life, from the passing of her father, to a deteriorating romantic relationship, and the effects of sexual assault.


Dana Berkowitz is a photographer & blogger @figandhoneyco. She also just happens to be a really huge Maria Wurtz fan.


Garrett Blad is a collage artist and climate justice activist from North Liberty, IN. He creates one handmade contemporary collage everyday which he shares on social media. By meshing images of men with those of nature, technology and space, his work explores how our socialized identities inform our relation to planet earth, to each other, and to our politics. Garrett also enjoys performing spoken word poetry, speaking french, and reimagining the culinary potential of day-old pasta. Follow Garrett on Instagram @garrettblad, on Facebook @collageartbygarrett, or visit his website:


Ciara J. Burke is a self-taught analog photographer, writer and full time cat mom to Monty and Umi. She works in tech, loves everything glitch, and is interested in the representation, or lack thereof, of women with chronic illness in art. instagram: ciaradeckard tumblr: parsnipsoup


Kyndal Colón is a Mad Black Woman™, a broke college student, and a mother of seven cats. After a long day of reading, writing, and being a vapid SJW on social media, she can be found browsing the bookstore she works at or pining over cute girls that are way out of her league. You can find more of her poetry at


Michael DeCristofaro is a Chapel Hill based portrait photographer. He draws inspiration from music, art, and other artists. He strives to create intimate moments between the models and camera, telling stories. You can sample his work at his website or at his Instagram @floralcows
























Emily Engel: Instagram: @coldcompress


Daniel Garcia (he/his/him) is a fiction, non-fiction, poetry and script writer based out in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He is currently pursuing his degree in creative writing, and goes to church frequently—and by church he means poetry slams. His work has been featured at the University of North Texas, the WaterTower Theatre, Mountain View College, Grayson College, and Write About Now Poetry. He also has a chapbook called "He Will Be a Sunset" that can be found on Etsy. When Daniel isn't writing or slamming, he can be found giving as many hugs as possible, living by the words, "You are all that you have," and falling off the edge of the Earth.


Lidia Goldberg is a Boston based artist, feminist, taurus, and is usually broke because she spends her money on outrageously overpriced juice. She loves the night sky, music festivals and surfing! And making art, of course. 


Alyssa Gursky is currently completing a BA in Contemplative and Transpersonal Psychology in Boulder, CO. She works on the MAPS MDMA for PTSD Study and is a director at the Psychedelic Club. She also enjoys petting all of the dogs and all things holographic. She can be reached at


Luke Hoban is a 21 year old artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. Luke is in the process of finishing his final year of a bachelor of Design (Hons), majoring in visual communication. He is a multidisciplinary visual designer, with a strong focus on immersive interactive experiences among other creative things. You can view more of his work on, and instagram: @tangydesign


Danika Tomchinsky-Holland is a visual artist, singer, songwriter, and feminist warrior who lives in Boulder, Colorado and studies at Naropa University. She loves dancing, singing the blues, painting, and being unapologetically herself. Over the years, Danika has developed a practice of painting vaginas, and experiences this act of honoring the pussy in its many wonderful forms as deeply empowering. You can see more of her creations at


Rebecca Jellinek currently studies Computer Science at Boston University. Her featured piece originated as a Facebook rant, and she is honored to share her passionate and raspy voice in Sugar, yet again. </patriarchy>’


Elektra Johnson is a San Francisco-based photographer who enjoys shooting in film, making zines, and promoting girl power. Her work featured in Sugar Magazine Issue 2 is a series inspired by the Spice Girls and the impact they had on our generation of females, femme identified , lady bois and SO many other little humans finding their way in life. Instagram: @gummmicunnnt


Emma Katherine is an 18 year old living in Denver, Colorado. She is a lover of thrifting, song writing, photography, and exploration.


Cassandra Kessler is a New York City native studying literature and music at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Recently published in The Minetta Review, Adsum, and Dualitea. Contact


Helena Keown (huhLEEnuh KOWen) is a New York based writer. She can be reached at


Sadie Lewallen is an 18 year old artist from North Carolina who is best characterized by her acrylic portraits of independent women. Instagram: @artkid





Vivian Lopez is a teacher and writer. Her poems and translations have been published in decomP! Magazine, Mead Magazine, Aldus Journal of Translation, The Altar Collective, and in the anthology Writing Down the Walls: A Convergence of LGBTQ Voices.


Ruth Madievsky is the author of a poetry collection, Emergency Brake (Tavern Books, 2016). You can find her at


Mindforking is an artist originally from Pakistan, and is now living and working in Vancouver, Canada. Mindforking started as an illustration project, or a drawing diary. Mindforking’s work titled “#tinyinconveniences” are part of a series of small paintings illustrating silly, banal, and annoying things that happen to everyone on a daily basis. Instagram: @mindforking


Emma Miner is a playwright and poet, studying peace and theatre at Goucher College. She has had three plays produced through Curious Theatre, won second place in the Denver County Fair poetry contest, and is thrilled to add Sugar Magazine to her repertoire. When not writing, she can be found playing ultimate frisbee, dancing, or hanging out with the kids she nannies. She can be contacted by email at


Afton Montgomery is a queer writer living in los angeles. she loves mountains and mugs of tea, and you can read more tidbits by her under the name afton_gray on medium.


Abbie Morse


Jennie Neufeld is a writer and photographer from New York. She's still figuring it all out.


Emily Orzel is an illustrator/professional eye-roller/feminist living in Tucson, AZ. You can find more of her work on Instagram @emilyorzel.


Hayley J. Pasley is an artist currently based in L.A.


Anna Penny is a Long Island-based photographer. She is a maker of many different things as well as a feminist, a heavy daydreamer, and a hardcore people lover. Her art is her way of storytelling. It is sharing her experiences & screaming her emotions in the only way that she knows how. Instagram: @ananapenny


Jenna Pope blogs at and is a contributor to The Mighty. When she's not writing, you can find her on a nature walk or reading a book.


Maria Ortega Rechkemmer is a liberal arts student in Germany. She is a forever immigrant who is currently investigating the lives of her Peruvian grandmothers.


Cal Ridley is a 23 year old trans and genderqueer mixed media artist and poet. Their work currently explores themes surrounding queer partnerships, portraiture, mental health, and intimate bedroom spaces. In 2016, they earned a BA in Painting from Framingham State University and are currently based out of Boston, Massachusetts. More work of all sorts at and on instagram @foxridleigh


Kimberly Roa is a 20-year-old Dominican artist from the Bronx. She is currently a junior attending SUNY New Paltz. She is pursuing a Bachelor in the Fine Art of Photography.








Ricki Rothchild is a curator, painter, and art historian based out of Baltimore, Maryland. For inquiries, please email


Millie Stephen is a UK based illustrator and graphic design lover. She is a vegetarian and feminist, doing all she can to save the environment and preserve the planet. She is a lover of dogs, King Krule, beaches and the sun. Instagram: hednrix 



Sophie Smyth is an 18 year old illustrator and photographer from Cornwall, UK. You can visit as well as for more of her work. Instagram: @sophehsmythh


Eloise Thorogood is a UK-based design student who is currently doing her A-levels and hoping to study textile design. She’s committed to putting her work towards something good and is passionate about changing the world. Visit her online at, or on Instagram @thorobad.


Denise Torrance


Regina Vargas is a writer for SMEAR Magazine living in Austin, TX. She has a passion for art, photography, and writing. Her favorite subject to paint and photograph is the naked body, with a heavy use of light and shadow. Her inspirations include Mexican feminist icon and artist, Frida Kahlo, and her mother, Gloria Prieto, who is a talented abstract artist pursuing her dreams.


Caroline Whelan is a Junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she majors in Art Education with a minor in Psychology and Art History. Her Euphoria series strives to express sexuality, challenge the thought process and perception of the viewer, trigger a response, and ultimately provide understanding and awareness of the natural tendencies of human desirability and sensuality.


Mia S. Willis has worked primarily in performance-based poetry since her introduction to the art in 2013. A senior at East Carolina University, Mia will graduate in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies – Classical Civilization. When not onstage, she enjoys reading and watching Sherlock Holmes adaptations, mountain biking, and volunteering with her fellow Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Inc.


Sara Wills is currently living in Grand Rapids, Michigan and attending Grand Valley State University. She is passionate about spreading feminism through art and literature and listening to good music in the process. Instagram: @srasuxx


Maria Wurtz is the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Sugar Magazine as well as a New York-based photographer. She is passionate about feminism, loves supporting other women, and works incredibly hard putting this magazine together! You can see more of her work on Instagram: @mariawurtz


Evan Tian Yi is a quiet, small 20-year-old poet from Little Rock, Arkansas that is currently studying Asian-American Studies and Africana Studies at Davidson College. His highest aspiration is to become a professional dogspotter, but he will settle for a Nobel Prize in literature or something like that. He can be contacted via Facebook stickers and bad Mandarin Chinese at